Survey Results: The sign YOU CAN FLUSH TOILETS struck just more than half of you as funny first, then sad. It had taken me a few minutes to realize it was funny, but I was probably still in shock and also truly relieved (no pun intended) to learn that I could flush toilets!!!

Our Old Normal


What is normal?  Am I normal?  Is there a normal?   As writers we are taught to never use the words “normal” or “regular.”  Everything is relative. One person’s post-storm wig-out is such a close cousin with another’s chill-out that it becomes tricky to tell if the proper response is to console or congratulate.  I myself am not always sure which reaction I would prefer when sharing a storm-related anecdote, probably because I am experiencing such contradictory and yet inexplicably compatible emotions.

Friends assure me I have the right to all these fluctuating feelings.  But as I’m still awaiting a settlement letter after three and a half months, and I need to come out the other side a fully functional, relatively normal human being, it might be helpful and would definitely be interesting for me to understand what is “normal” in a socially relative sort of way.  I am hoping you…

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