Do I need to drown in sewage to learn this lesson?



So–what is it?  What am I not getting?  I did my laundry all day at a friend’s house, relaxing and reading and watching the Mets come back in a sunny den just to not be in the basement and the laundromat.  I came home  to our temporary basement apartment and put down the laundry bag.  Steve came home from working on the house, and got in the shower.  Game of Thrones would be on in 40 minutes.

Then the sewer backed up.  Dirty toilet water came streaming out of a hole at the base of the toilet and up through the shower drain.  I am waiting for Steve to come back with a mop and cleaning materials.  Sewage in the clean laundry, my school papers, my shoes (the ones I saved from Sandy), our shower products, boxes of things we were storing here.

What is the lesson here?  Anyone?

When this happened, I was working on an entry that was positive and inspired by an incredible little girl.  Korri wanted us to DREAM BIG, to get up, and to smile.  Maybe there is something I am not getting but I think just remaining positive while tromping through crap-filled water in my bare feet at this point in the game is pretty big.  Just cleaning it up and laughing with my husband?  Is that it?

Let me go do that.


4 responses to “Do I need to drown in sewage to learn this lesson?

  1. The only lessons I see are that Steve will be by your side in whatever shit life brings you.
    And that you should be able to walk around in life like “your shit don’t stink”.

    Seriously, that is so crazy. I can not believe it!!! I’m so sorry honey. It is your strength that I lean on!

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