clicking my heels


Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

That’s where our house sits now.  It was not transported via violent twister (a tale I feared I might have to tell here), but it is waaay uup high…


Here is a rainbow above our old house. Now, if that rainbow returned, our house would bury it

We made it!  It wasn’t without a bit of a scare, but we are set back down.  The new lower floor is built and our spruced-up old house finally rests on top of four walls instead of 15 feet of jumbo toothpicks.

It was supposed to go down on Monday, but severe weather was expected—strong wind and storms.  On my way to work I listened to the weather report, and was happy to hear that the storms were not expected until late in the day.   The house would be all ready by then!  It could take anything!  It was built of Insulated Concrete Forms and new wood, screwed not nailed.  It was reinforced with steel beams and a sick double roof!  All they had to do was set it back down and it could endure any and all weather events!

At lunch that day, I heard about the tornado watch that would be in effect until five o’clock.  Um…OK, well, the house would be together by then, right?

No.  It would not be done!  Why?  The weather.

Yes.  On the 343rd day since Sandy, the day our house was to be finally storm-proof, a tornado watch would prevent us from sealing the deal.  Possible tornadoes were possibly headed in the direction of our home.

“We’re off to see the Wizard,” I said.

Fortunately, the tornado watch expired, our house did not go airborne, and today—two days later—we are safely over one more rainbow.

Now I set off on another leg of road.  I will pick up all the fellow storm sufferers I meet along the way, paralyzed by paperwork, brains squeezed out by red tape, courage diluted by disillusionment.  At the end of another long and winding path, we will beg for mercy before insurance companies, mortgage banks, and our own government.  They will hide behind a curtain of fuzzy math, impossible applications, “standard requirements,” endless inspections, and suspicion (Cue Dorothy: Please, sir, we’ve done what you told us.  No, sir, we will not use the $2500 to go to Disneyland.  So we’d like you to keep your promise to us, please, sir).  But at the end of the day, we will get what we need by our own power—and with the help of friends, old and new.

I am clicking my heels.  There is no place like home.


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