the dating phase

Another move-in date is here. The calendar is littered with them. June 30. August 1. Halloween. Thanksgiving. (these from 2013). March 8. Definitely before a year is up.  You will NOT be out for more than a year. No, June. June again.  June 2014 this time for sure. AUGUST 1 in big capital letters. YOU WILL BE IN (so stop harassing me, Jenn). Labor Day. Halloween again. Now here we are at November 30, 2014, and I’m over it. It will be done when it is done and small steps are to be celebrated.

After this week we should (should!) have a working shower, toilet, and washer/dryer! Today, our scheduled moving day, we still plan to bring over a few larger pieces of furniture including the couch and the bed (back to air mattresses and lawn chairs at the apartment). At that point we will be courting, the house and I. I will stay late nights cleaning and organizing the boxes we will live out of for months. Steve will paint a room. Reheat a meal he cooked at the apartment and dine with a view. Let Lucy out (let Lucy out! So simple, so wonderful! She had her first reunion with a dog neighbor yesterday). Do some laundry, watch a sunset, stay a night. Feel how it feels to wake up to light and space. Enjoy our new water view from the loft before it is obscured by the new house going up…and up.

Yesterday I cleaned the windows. I have a clear view of the water that took our home, our restaurant, our savings, two of Steve’s careers, and changed the map of our friendships.   On Thanksgiving I thanked the ocean first and foremost: for bringing us new opportunities; for teaching us patience and endurance; for rearranging our values; for revealing our weaknesses; for wiping us clean when we thought we were where we wanted to be.

But our view is so much clearer now, from here:


I thought I’d be jumping right into this relationship, but it turns out the dating phase is fun. And soon, we will spend our first night together.




2 responses to “the dating phase

  1. Oh Jenn, it looks great, the deck, steps and fence all look so good. Glade to see the positive attitude, your resilience (and Steve’s) amaze me! xoxo

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