I love words, teaching, creating ceremonies for friends, remembering to bring my camera, casual artistic projects, gardening, baking, simple creative savory dishes cooked by someone else (preferably my husband), Long Beach, NYC, cross country driving, upstate NY, mountains and woods, rocks and trees, trains, Joshua Tree, St. Croix, Italy, Ireland, Peru, and the dream of India.  I love entertaining in my home.

Last year for my 40th some friends put money toward a return trip to NIce, France, so I could spend a few weeks living in the city that felt like a second home.  Now the only outdoor table I dream of lounging at, sipping my cafe with a notebook, is at my first home in Long Beach, NY–on my own front patio.  Lucy at my feet, Steve bringing out a cup of cold watermelon soup, neighbors all happily back in their homes and streaming by on their way to the beach or boardwalk.

I love finding meaning, and communicating it.  I love learning, and sharing.  I love Steve.  For over twenty years–and even more since we started sharing this little basement studio.  I love my family and friends.  I love people.

I love people!  So thanks for stopping by.  🙂


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